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  • This Week 09/17/2017

      This Week @1st. Paradigm Shifts. Welcome!   There are times in life when we must experience paradigm shifts. Assumptions we have about ourselves, others...

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  • This Week 09/10/2017

      This Week @1st. Rally Sunday Welcome!   The presence of God is within us and the Kingdom of God is manifested in and through...

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  • This Week 07/23/2017

      This Week @1st. Getting Genesis Wrong 400,000 people are expected to come to Benton County for the total solar eclipse on, and the weekend...

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  • This Week 07/16/2017

      This Week @1st. – 6th Sunday after Pentecost Welcome!   “Forfeit awe and the world becomes a marketplace…” Abraham Hesche “Holy, holy, holy …the...

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