Session Elders:

The Session is the governing body of the church. Ruling elders serve on the Session for staggered three-year terms and are responsible for church leadership, policy and decision-making. They also serve on various committees of the church to translate decisions into action. Assisting the Pastor(s) serving Communion several times a year is a visible sign of the elders’ role.

Matt Gough, Moderator

Gideon Alegado

John Edwards

Marilyn (Lynn) Ervin

Nancy Hiatt

Jim Males

Steve Neville

Milt Plocher, Clerk of Session

John Raskauskas

Phil Russell

Fred Shaub

Bill Smart

Michael Toney



Board Of Deacons:

Deacons, in coordination with the pastors, serve those who are in need – the ill, the friendless, the bereaved, the distressed. They maintain the prayer chain, oversee coffee hour, and offer assistance in strengthening connections with church members.

Sharon Edwards, Pastoral Liaison

Frankie Botts

Linda Buckner

Norman Carlson

Coralynn Churchill

Ashley da Silva

Dorothy Frank

David Hiatt

Nancy Hiatt

John Hull

Janet Jarvis

Sandy Johnson

Jackie Russell

Linda Schapper

Janet Spence

Karen Steele




Board of Trustees:

Our church facilities are the venue in which we are energized, renewed and inspired. The Trustees manage the real property that makes up our church home.

Kim Miles, Staff Liaison

Lew Barton

Marilyn Carl

Bill Johnson

Barbara Malloy

Gary Meddaugh

Rick Miller

Karen Patrick

Phil Russell

Don Stevens

Tony Van Vliet