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Children @ 1st Pres: May Edition 


Hello!“Can you believe it’s already the middle of May!?” 

Whenever I make a comment having to do with the passage of time, I am reminded of a woman with whom I used to work named Ashley.  Had I made the “already May” comment above to her, Ashley would have responded,

“Yes…it comes after April, that’s how time works.”

Of course she’s right; that’s how time works. But time is so much more than the perpetual ticking of the second hand. Time contains our memories, it reminds us where we’ve been, and it encourages us to look to the future. To keep all that organized, we set milestones; events that anchor us along our path. And sometimes time seems to go so much faster when milestones feel as though they’re piling on top of each other.

This month we’ll celebrate two milestones in the life of our congregation; the end of the school year, and graduation. I hope you’ll join us as we celebrate our amazing Sunday school teachers and our incredible graduates.

Jonathan Fell
Director of Children, Youth & Family Ministries
First Presbyterian Church, Corvallis

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13 – Why ask questions?
20 – Why invite friends?
27 – Club Night!
03 – End of Year One!
10 – BBQ!
This Week In Sunday School


On Sunday May 24th, we will celebrate the day of Pentecost. Pentecost is an exciting day in the Church year; it’s the day the Holy Spirit was given to the disciples. And, the beginning of the Church.The disciples, all Jews from Galilee, were all gathered to celebrate the Jewish harvest festival called Pentecost, an event that happened 50 days after Passover. They probably gathered in this same way year after year. But this year while they were together, something incredible happened;

…Suddenly from heaven there came a sound like the rush of a violent wind, and it filled the entire hose where they were sitting. Divided tongues, as of fire, appeared among them, and a tongue rested on each of them. All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other languages, as the Spirit gave them ability (Acts 2:1-4).

Can you imagine such a thing happening! Picture yourself sitting in a room with your friends when all of a sudden there’s a huge wind and flames, flames!, appeared atop their heads! Then, as if that weren’t crazy enough, they started speaking in different languages — languages they never learned!

Because of the loud noise a crowd of people from all over the region gathered around the disciples. And each of them could hear the disciples speaking each in their own language! Using this power from the Holy Spirit, the disciples were able to share the message of God’s love and Jesus with everyone they met — whether they shared the same language or not! And so, as the disciples began to share the Good News throughout the world, the Church was born!

Next week we’ll be celebrating the birthday of the Church in Sunday school and with cake during coffee hour!  I hope you’ll join us in the celebration! 

— Jonathan


Do you know someone who graduating from high school, college, or beyond? Let Jonathan know ASAP! We’ll be recognizing all our graduates during worship on JUNE 7TH

541-753-2228 or

Help Thank Our Sunday School Teachers! 

Please join us in recognizing the amazing group of volunteers who taught Sunday school this year! 

Starting Sunday May 17th, Jonathan will have a collection of cards available to sign in the church library. Please stop by and leave a note for your child’s teachers. Or, I encourage you and your family to create a special card to say thank you and bring it with you to church on June 7th when we recognize our teachers in worship!

This year, our Summer Sundays Sunday school program is Splash in God’s Word from Sparkhouse!

Each week features 1 of 5 stories that all have something to do with water.  Through ART, SCIENCE, and GAMES, we’ll sail on the Ark with Noah, get swallowed up with Jonah, Walk on Water with Peter, visit with the Woman at the Well, and share the Good News with Lydia.

Summer Sundays is a one-room-Sunday-school program.

All kids 3 years old through 6th grade are invited to participate!


May 31 — Last day of Sunday school. Information about our Summer Sunday school program can be found here.

June 7th — Family WorshipJoin us as we worship together and celebrate all our AMAZING TEACHERS and our AWESOME GRADUATESJune 21-August 23 — Sumer Sundays: Splash in God’s Word! This summer we’re exploring 5 different Bible stories about water! All kids 3 years through 6th grade are invited to participate in this one-room-summer-Sunday-school program!

Summer Events for Families
July 9, 1-4pm —  Penny Carnival. Meet us at the 8th Street doors and we’ll walk over and enjoy this event sponsored by Parks and Rec. together. More info can be found in the Summer Activity Guide!July 23, 6-8pm —  Family Fun Night in Central Park. Meet us at the 8th Street doors and we’ll walk over and enjoy this event sponsored by Parks and Rec. together. More info can be found in the Summer Activity Guide!

Stay tuned for more events!

Coming Next Fall
September 6 — Worship in the Park.  Labor Day weekend we gather for an ecumenical worship service in Central Park with our UCC, Congregational, Lutheran, and Methodist brothers and sisters in Christ. 
September 13 — Rally Day! Celebrate the beginning of a new year together in ministry! We’ll have information, Sunday school registration, and special activities for kids of all ages.

September 20 — Bible Sunday! This is a special milestone for the kids of our church; the day when our 4 year olds and our 3rd graders get their bibles! Is your kiddo up to receive their bible? Be sure to touch base with Jonathan by August 30th.



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