Don’t be Scammed. Our staff do not ask you to give to them directly. EVER.

Scammers are making their rounds again. Try to remember these things that we have said before but bear repeating
1. Anyone can create an email address to look like it is from anyone. It will nearly always be a new address than ones used by that person before.
2. This is called spoofing. There is no way for us to stop this and it is not a hack. You must be the one to educate yourself. Education is the only way to stop this. Please educate your parents and grandparents about this as the elderly are the most likely to fall for this scam.
3. Any appeals for help from our church or staff will direct people to either give directly to First Presbyterian Church either by sending a check directly to our church address or to our website online giving portal. We will not ask you to buy us gift cards and take photos of them. Anyone who asks you do to this is a scammer.
4. The church email addresses are Staff will not use a gmail or other account in my correspondence for church business. If they do you should call them and verify.
5. They may try to spoof our treasurer or other staff. Again we are not asking for gifts beyond our normal giving of challenge offerings, regular offerings and the Covid 19 Emergency fund. All of which should be directed to the church.