Our church history will be presented in 5 history period composite panels

plus a panel on the 1910 Povey stained glass windows. The history of the church is easily divided into 5 periods considering the events and historic photographic material available.

The presentation will be artistic with eye catching historical photos and short informative narrative texts. All committee members want clean lines and a clutter-free look. The selection of historical highlights of our church story will represent who we are, our core values, outreach issues and involvement in the community, quirky little known interesting facts in short, readable form for hallway reading.

A more in-depth look at our historical development will be available on the website.

For best visibility, the task force thought the best location for the History Wall would be the West wall of the Dennis Hall hallway over the drinking fountain. The light is also good on this wall. An alternative is the East wall where the coat racks are presently located. This would involve finding another location for the coat racks.

On behalf of the whole History Wall Task Force, thank you for the support of this project. I think the final product will be an inviting presentation of who we are as a church, historically fascinating and visual pleasing for both community members and church members as they pass through our halls.