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Kids & Families @ 1stPres – March Updates



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Unplug, Rest, and Reset

In my article for the most recent edition of Fanfare, I listed several ways for families to enjoy an intentional and meaningful Holy Week. But that’s jumping the gun, don’t you think? Can we make the whole 40 days of Lent useful to kids too? And what about this whole “unplug” theme, that seems to imply not doing anything, right?

In her blog Worshiping With Children, Carolyn Brown suggests “Lent can be “Spring Training for Disciples,” a time to practice our discipleship skills as we get ready for Easter.” But instead of aiming for something different every day for 40 days, Brown suggests focusing on one skill per week.

For example the first week you might start by practicing saying “thank you” to God. The second, you could work on forgiving others. The third, try passing the peace! Brown’s blog has several ideas, but it’s certainly not exhaustive. Read the whole article here.

Spiritual disciplines don’t just have to focus “out there” on the intangible, it is also important to help kids see how what we learn at church applies to life together at home. For example, I might consider extending “helping others” to “helping our family” and add tasks like clearing the dishes after meals or cleaning up playdough after we’re done playing.

Lastly, Spiritual disciplines don’t have to involve doing anything! Intentionally setting aside time to unplug both literally and figuratively, is just as vital to our spiritual well-being as helping others or worshiping God. If you don’t do so already, consider setting a “bedtime” for your devices. Set a time each day at which all the screens in your house go off (including your cell phone!), then, challenge your household to spend 10 minutes being quiet; maybe even practice a mindfulness technique or two.

Or, try something especially crazy: usually have a Friday movie night? Opt for a screen free night of board games instead! Build with Legos. Go outside and hike or bike, play, camp, the possibilities are endless.

If you’re interested, you can also join others in their quest to unplug by participating in National Unplugging Day March 3-4!

Just be sure whatever you do (or don’t do) feels fulfilling and nourishing to your soul.

Have a great month,

Worshiping with Kids?

We always welcome the wiggles, giggles, and joy kids bring with them to worship but we recognize that might not work for your family. So, we offer the following options to help make Sunday mornings more enjoyable for your family.

Our Family Worship Room Nursery is open every Sunday for children 6 wks. – 2 yrs. For those wishing to stay close to worship but not sit in the pews, we have two options.

Frist, our Family Worship Room (cry room) located on the 8th St. side of the balcony, is open and available for your family to worship together in a family-centered space while remaining physically connected to the Sanctuary.

Secondly, beginning this month and going forward, whenever we are not hosting Sunday school: Café Church is open! Café Church is a space in Ed Hall where the service is projected and activities are available for kids of all ages. We encourage you to worship together in the Sanctuary and then head up there during the passing of the peace.

We hope these options will help you feel more comfortable worshiping together each week.

March 5
Frolic: Jesus Blesses Children

Spark!: The First Sin (Genesis 3:1-24)
Connect: Unit 3: Promised Land

March 12
Frolic: Jesus Teaches and Heals
Spark!: Abrams’s Call (Genesis 12:1-9)
Connect: Unit 3: Unit Rewind

March 19
Frolic: Jesus the Good Shepherd
Spark!: Woman at the Well (John 4:5-42)
Connect: Unit 4, Kings & Prophets: Judges

March 26 – Spring Break, No Sunday School
Cafe Church Open!

March Confirmation

Saturday, March 18 — We will attend worship at Beit Am synagogue. Please be to the Youth House by 9AM. After worship, we will head back to the Youth House for a short lunch to discuss our morning. Parents and mentors are invited to join.

Remember! Drafts of your confirmand’s “statement of faith” are due back this month.

National Day of Unplugging

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