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This Week 10/29/2017


This Week @1st:
Chancel Choir Reformation Concert And Tour Music
Latest Fanfare
All Saints Day
Fall Yard Clean Up
Congregational Meeting Nov. 12
Volunteer Coordinator Needed
Supporting Jonathan Isengingo
World In Prayer
Give Now
September Financial Report
This Week @ 1STPRES
Visitor Parking
Challenge Offering


Jeremiah 31:31-34
John 8:31-36




 September Financial Report: 

Income year to date: $417,743

Budgeted year to date: $432,316

Deficit: $14,573

We thank those who continue to give
generously to support the ministries of our church.

We Grow When We Give
Set up a recurring online pledge via the Presbyterian Foundation, who processes payments at the lowest possible rates for us, by clicking on the above give now button. Or turn in an EFT form to our office for direct withdrawal from your bank account. 

For those interested in a weekly prayer that incorporates what is happening in the world. Click here where a new prayer is offered every Thursday.

Kids! Want to Read in Worship? Sign Up Here
Family Worship Ushers Needed! Sign Up Here


Sunday: Worship Service, 10am (S); Library Open, 9am-12pm (L); Café Church with a Special Activity, 10:15am (EdH); Coffee Hour, 11am (DH); Centering Prayer, 11:30am (AR) Chancel Choir Reformation Concert & Tour music, 2pm (S)

Daily (Tuesday-Thursday): 

Spiritual Quiet Time, 1-3pm (AR)

Monday: Tai Chi, 8:30-10am (DH1,2)

Tuesday: Office closes at Noon 

Wednesday: Tai Chi, 8:30-10am (DH1,2); Piecemakers, 9am-12:30pm (B3); Bell Choir, 5-6:30pm (S); Club 56, 5:30-7pm (YH); Youth Group, 6:30-8pm (YH)

Thursday: Chair Yoga, 11-11:45am (AR); The Jesus Fatwah, 12-1pm (AR); No Reiki this week; Chancel Choir, 7-9pm (S)

Friday: Tai Chi, 8:30-10am (DH 1,2)

Next Sunday: Worship Service, 10am (S); Library Open, 9am-12pm (L); Sunday School, 10:15am (JW); Coffee Hour, 11am (DH); Centering Prayer, 11:30am (AR)

Abbreviations Key: Allison Room (AR), Basement (B),
Dennis Hall (DH), Education Hall (EdH), Jones Wing (JW),
Library (L), OS (Off Site), Sanctuary (S),
Youth House (YH)


Our church library is open every Sunday:

The coffee and cookie cart is back. Stop by the library after church. Browse the new books: fiction, inspiration for your spiritual journey, biblical exploration, biography, peace, being green, parenting, marriage, good children’s stories and many more subjects for your enjoyment and spiritual growth.


Red is the symbolic color for the Church and the Spirit, so WEAR RED on Sunday!

The Reformation is not 500 years old. It has been 500 years since Martin Luther produced his disputations of certain practices and teachings of the Roman Catholic church. It was a dramatic move, and so it makes a good marker to date the beginning of the Reformation. However, the printing press probably deserves at least half the credit.
The reforming spirit predates Luther. For instance, Jan Hus, a true Bohemian who was born in 1369 in Bohemia is considered the first reformer by many. During his ministry as a priest, he was advocated for charges that were very similar to Luther’s. It was just much harder to get the word out or provide Bibles that people could understand and read (i.e. not in Latin). He paid the price, was arrested, tried, and executed when he didn’t recant.
Yet, I argue that the spirit of reform is older than that. The very Spirit that God has given the Church is the Spirit of Reform. I believe Christ came to show us how to challenge the things that work against unconditional love. God is constantly reforming us and transforming us into people who can live as truly free. There are plenty of places and people who still need compassion, justice, and grace of God via God’s people.
So, we can celebrate 500 years of Reformation, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that we are done. Even Reformation needs its reformers. Maybe you are one of them?
If you cannot join us in person, we will be attempting to stream, now in High Definition, through internet streaming.

Rev. Matt Gough

Phone Outage – Church Office

Due to a software issue, our phone lines were out for a significant part of the past week. The software has been updated and the phones are accepting incoming calls again. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and appreciate those who shared this issue with us. 

-Church Office Staff

Sunday, October 29th, 2pm
Chancel Choir Reformation
Concert and Tour Music

Come celebrate the 500 Year Anniversary of the Reformation with a concert by our Chancel Choir, here, at First Presbyterian Church in the Sanctuary.

Volunteer coordinator needed to recruit/sign up volunteers from the church for the Men’s Cold Weather Shelter. The coordinator will work with the shelter to find suitable dates and then recruit/sign up volunteers from our church. The shelter is preparing to host as many as 40 men this winter, but volunteers are needed to do this. If you are interested in this position, contact Matt or the church office.

Next Sunday, November 5th, we will honor
All Saints Day. 

We invite you to bring a picture of a loved one to be displayed during worship as we commemorate
those who have passed away.  

November 11th, 9am-Noon
Fall Grounds Clean Up

Bring your work gloves to our annual yard spruce up day. Help rake leaves & prepare for cold weather ahead!

Congregational Meeting
Sunday, November 12
Sunday, November 12 after Worship,
there will be a Congregational Meeting in the Sanctuary
for the purpose of electing officers.
Members are encouraged to stay
for this brief meeting!

Supporting Jonathan Isengingo. 
You may know Jonathan from his participation in worship, activities and volunteering together. He is from the Democratic Republic of the Congo which has suffered a complete financial crash. This has affected Jonathan and his family and may mean that Jonathan will not be able to finish his engineering degree and will be forced to leave the country. If you would like to know more and/or help then click this link.


On Sundays, help those with mobility troubles and new visitors by leaving the parking lot spaces and street spaces that are in front of the church for them. Consider carpooling.  Use the lot next to the multicultural center or street parking along the park or on Madison Ave. Thank you!


This Sunday, October 29, 3pm: Good Samaritan Episcopal Church at 35th & Harrison. Sundays @ 3 presents the Eugene based woodwind ensemble TERRA NOVA TRIO. Donations accepted and appreciated.

Sunday, November 5th at 3pm: Make a Joyful Noise: A Choral Celebration, First Methodist Church. Concert features choirs and ensembles from Mid-Valley churches and partnering congregations. Free-will offering in support of United Campus Ministry at Oregon State.    

Carillon Revelry Bell Choir is raising money for a long-overdue refurbishment of our bells. We need nearly $8,000, and we welcome your support. Checks can be made to First Presbyterian Church, with a memo for “Bell Refurbishment fund.” Your donation will help pave the way for another forty years of ringing the rafters.
Reiki Sessions are every Thursday of the month!  Make an appointment from either 3-4pm or 4-5pm with the church office. Come join us! For more information & testimonies on the healing relief of a Reiki session, call the church office at 541-753-2228. There is no cost for this Ministry.
Flowers: Sign up to bring flowers to Worship. Flowers can then later be distributed to our homebound people! A sign-up sheet is located on the bulletin board across from the office.

Name tags – Many members and friends graciously wear name tags to be more hospitable. Temporary name tags are available in the Narthex or from an usher. If you make 1st Pres your worshipping home then let the office know and we will gladly make you a permanent one! If you have a name tag please wear one, and introduce yourself to your neighbors!

Just a reminder that there is no parking parallel to the yellow curb in the parking lot. Please only park in designated parking lot spaces or out on the street. On Sundays, parking is also available in the Multi-Cultural Center parking lot across 9th Street.

#worshipleader Is your child interested in being a part of worship? We’re always looking for kids to read or share their musical talents. Find Jonathan after worship or click the buttons in the left-hand sidebar to sign up!

To place an announcement in the Sunday bulletin send your request and exact wording (may need to be edited for space reasons) to


Last Sunday for the October Challenge Offering

CASA- Voices for Children is a non-profit organization that trains and supports Special Advocates to speak for a child who is a victim of abuse and neglect.

CASA- VFC serves every child in Benton County who is within the legal custody of the State of Oregon.

As an advocate, professionally trained volunteers stay with a child throughout the duration of their case. While in the welfare system, children have multiple caseworkers and can have multiple placements. Often, an advocate in the only constant in the ever-changing lives of these children.

CASA- VFC gives an abused or neglected child a voice by advocating for their birthright to a safe, nurturing and forever family.  

November Challenge Offering: Westminister House 

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