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This Week @1st Pres! 9/20/2015



International Peace Day is September 21st and this Saturday the 19th from 11am-12pm, you are invited to come to the Courthose Square to make and decorate pinwheels, and then place them at the sidewalks’ edge around the 4 blocks of the Courthouse Square which will bring smiles to everyone’s faces. Over 300 pinwheels will be spinning there for the weekend. Face painting, writing ‘peace’ in different languages, and other craft activities will also be enjoyed. Pinwheels may be made ahead of time and brought to the Courthouse on Sep. 19. Pinwheel kits available at the Corvallis library info table.

Rev. Matt Gough


Along with the changing colors we know it’s Fall because the traffic suddenly comes back! But that’s an acceptable trade off for the cultural and intellectual vitality that a University brings to a city. As we march into another academic year we will encourage our students to be sure to read and study the Bible too.  This Sunday we will be giving 4 year olds a wonderful picture Bible with simply written Bible stories. We also will give our 3rd graders a Study Bible geared towards older kids.
We enthusiastically welcome the choir back to help lead us in worship. I hope to see you Sunday!
If you cannot join us in person you can always be with us through Internet Streaming.


Bulletin Folder
Bulletin will be posted by Friday mid-day.
For those interested in a weekly prayer that incorporates what is happening in the world. Click here where a new prayer is offered every Thursday.

Theme: Who Are You?

Let Go My Ego

An inflated ego may make you popular in political polls but nearly every major religion contains teachings that the ego can be a block to a deeper spirituality/enlightenment. Jesus’ disciples wanted to be great and Jesus seemed to teach them that that desire was their greatest block towards that goal. We’ll examine this text and more teachings about the ego this Sunday.
Scripture:  Mark 9:30-37,  James 3:13 – 4:3, 7-8a


Sunday, September 20, 2015

10am   Worship* – Kids in Worship until 10:30
10:30am- 11:30am– Children’s Sunday School
11am Fellowship Hour – Dennis Hall, Rally Day, Ministry Fair
11:30am Sunday School Ends

*Nursery Care available

Sunday School Volunteer Opportunities
We are looking for a group of Happy Helpers to assist our Sunday school teachers this year. As a Happy Helper you wont have to plan lessons, just help ensure the day goes smoothly. You’ll take attendance, add an extra pair of hands to the day’s activity, and help with crowd control.
Sign up HERE if you’re interested!


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