Your Input on Homeless Services is Needed!

The HOPE Board is presently receiving surveys from the general public around 3 steps that may be taken to assist those homeless in our community.  You have until Dec. 31 to return your survey, but PLEASE PARTICIPATE in this!!!!

 Topic 2*: Location   This survey addresses the concerns of 24/7 safe place for all populations lacking housing. A focus on this survey is how to manage the safety and needs of houseless individuals of different genders.

Topic 3: Transitional Options  
Covering the topic of temporary housing options such as Community Outreach Inc (COI), Corvallis Housing First and Safe Place, as well as micro shelters, Conestoga huts, managed camping, car camping and RV camping in locations that provide safety and access to sanitary facilities and health services.

Topic 4: Permanent Supportive Housing 

A survey aimed at providing affordable, community-based housing for those who have experienced long term/chronic homelessness, including access to apartments, houses, duplexes, group homes and single-room occupancy housing.

*Note: To see all the topics visit Benton County’s HOPE Community Engagement Page