When exploring the wilderness I learned that mountains make great landmarks to navigate by. If the realm of God, the landscape of God, is actually a people then who are the mountains? The Bible is filled with people of God and their stories and personalities. This Summer we will focus each week on a different Biblical “mountain”, a person who impacted the world for God, who will help us navigate the landscape of God. However, you are part of God’s realm too and are called to help sculpt the landscape with your own gifts, skills, and personality. Therefore, it is important to understand who you are. One ancient tool that acts as a compass for this journey is theĀ Enneagram. Each of the characters we study is a different “type” in the Enneagram and we will learn about them as well. Not only that but you will have a chance to learn your type and be in discussion with others as we explore the beautiful and diverse realm of God.
If you would like to explore your own enneagram type then you can download the test with the link below. The test is also embedded and the last page contains short descriptions for each type.
We will offer some intro classes to the Enneagram:
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Put on your hiking shoes and get ready to go exploring!