Cultivating a Growth Soul Set
 “Are we continually growing, progressing, and evolving spiritually or is our spirituality something that is fixed and absolute?”  In other words, do we have a  a fixed or a growth Soulset.

There are foundational truths to which we adhere. Jesus lifted up, as most important, a version of the Jewish Shema, “You shall love your God with all your heart soul and strength,” and added loving your neighbor as yourself.  However, rather than being static, this is a foundation that unlimited growth is built upon. Christ is a model of the new human, one that grows into the infinite love of God

Churches and religions have failed in the past to show people respect and love. My hope is that we are learning from these failures and can continue to maintain and encourage a growth in the religious, that stretches our existing spiritualities and increases our capacity for peace, compassion, and universal wholeness.

During the 2016-2017 academic year we will be providing opportunities to grow. The classes and experiences will be varied but each month will carry a different theme.

The sermon series during the Fall will also focus on how Jesus encouraged us to be a people who seek to grow. Find past sermons here.