Pandemic Parenting- Happy Summer!

Happy End of School (Almost)

First I want to share a great resource for books related to race and diversity in a wonderful format. It is a virtual library where you click on the book and get a free video read aloud.   Check it out!

Also this!


With Corvallis district using next week for non-academic connections and other districts finishing up this week you may have some anxiety over how summer will go with no camps and limited group activities.

Oregon has beautiful drives. many of you know this more than I and probably have your favorites. Get off the main roads and explore some nice drives. Kings Valley via HWY 223 is pretty. You can cut in towards Airlie back to 99 or go up to 194 and come back through Monmouth.

Just be sure you fill up first and take snacks. Lots of places to stop along the way where you won’t be near another soul.

Summer ideas that include some virtual summer camps and activities. 

Explore Geocaching around town.  Download an app on your GPS enabled phone and have fun searching for caches. Some are very cleverly hidden. Be sure to take a pen or pencil to sign the logs!

If you feel confident enough and do not have any conditions that make you vulnerable (or are not in contact with people who are vulnerable) set up your back yard to invite friends over and have them bring their own picnic. Keep your distance. It’s important to have talks with your kids about resisting the urge to get close and play with one another. Some games that can be played at a distance:

Silly Symphony: Silly Symphony is fun to play in the woods or other areas where there are plenty of natural materials like sticks, rocks, and leaves. Players are given some time to find natural objects that can make a noise, such as two rocks that can be struck together or a blade of grass used as a whistle. One person is the “conductor” and conducts the orchestra of sounds by waving at each person to play their “instrument.”

Poison Frog: In this circle game, (be sure to space 6 feet apart so you may need a BIG circle) one person is chosen (by someone not playing the game) to be the frog, and another to be the detective, who sits in the middle of the circle. The chosen poison frog “kills” off the players one by one by making eye contact and sticking their tongue out at the person (dramatic “deaths” by the players make the game more fun), while the detective tries to decide who the killer is.

Simon Says!  You all know that one!

Find the pattern:  Go around the group and everyone names 3 things. There must be a connection or pattern. For example, Giant fish, donkey, serpent? what are three featured animals in the Bible.  First person who guesses it goes next. And no, you don’t have to do all church things, if at all.

There are tons of other games or activities that can work well while maintaining spatial distance. Here are couple of links for ideas.

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