We want to remind you that neither Pastor Matt, Pastor Sharon, nor any church staff member will ever individually email or text you to request money or gifts for an emergency or community need. Also, we will never ask you to send cash or gift cards to us personally, nor ask you to write a check written out to one of our individual names.

If you receive such a request, be suspicious and please verify before you act. Take 5 minutes to verify the legitimacy by contacting the church office, Pastor Matt, or Pastor Sharon. We welcome the verification if it means we keep you safe.

When the church does ask for donations towards a legitimate church-wide cause, like the 509J school district food gift cards for instance, it will be done through our weekly email and sent out to the entire congregation. Your payment will be made out to First Presbyterian Church and sent to the church address. If a request asks anything different of you, please be wary and take 5 minutes and contact us before you give.

Another way to protect yourself is to be sure that you keep your email marked as private on your Facebook account. Scammers collect email and personal data, use it themselves, or sell it to other groups, and then prey upon innocent people.

We want to keep you safe and aware.

Thank you for your continued generosity.

Pastor Matt, Pastor Sharon, and the First Presbyterian church staff