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INCLUSION: God calls people of all races, genders and sexual orientations to the ministry of the Gospel.  Race, gender, and/or sexual orientation are not a factor in one’s readiness and eligibility to be ordained leaders in our church. We recognize and affirm committed relationships between two-people and recognize and celebrate all legal marriages. All people are created in the image of God and we are more complete the more diverse we become.



Rooted in God’s
grace, growing
through spiritual
to know, love
and serve Christ.


As a church we seek,
as Jesus taught, to
love God with our
hearts, our minds, and
our strength; and
to love our neighbors
as ourselves.

We Believe in……

The saving grace of Christ, the love of God, and the power of the Holy Spirit. These beliefs, and the core teachings of the Bible, are what unite us.As Presbyterians, we value our individual freedom, as well as the challenge to interpret the Bible with both our minds and our hearts. Worship with a community of believers and seekers strengthens and supports our individual faith journeys.

We are a welcoming intergenerational community, embracing all persons in God’s grace and love. We honor and value people of diverse backgrounds, races, genders, and orientations; gladly nurturing children, youth, singles, families, mature, and elderly. Those with disabilities and challenges find not just an elevator, but belonging. Lifelong friendships begin here.

We foster spiritual and personal growth to satisfy needs that modern society cannot. Dynamic, meaningful worship, Christian education, music and children’s programs are important ministries through which we explore, celebrate and share God’s many gifts to us. We intentionally choose to maintain a strong centrally-located facility as a means of reaching out to our community.

We are personally and collectively called as Disciples of Christ to ministries of justice and compassion, bringing encouragement, practical help and hope to our community and throughout the world. We are stewards of God’s creation and take seriously our responsibility to care for the world and its peoples for current and future generations.