BBMI – Racial Justice Meditation with Dr. Winston McCullough 6-15-20

This morning Dr. Winston McCullough, professor of Psychology and Contemplative Studies at OSU and Gratitude Jazz Band musician, leads us in his ninth guided meditation session of the BBMI series (Body, Breath, Mind, Intention). You are invited to review and repeat this meditative practice daily throughout the week.

This week’s focus is on connecting meditation practice with the inner work of racial justice. Join Winston in an 8 minute 46 second meditation with a focus on breathing deeply while intently wishing that all people can be physically and emotionally safe, given equal opportunity, and offered respect. Silently consider ways you can support racial justice on an individual, interpersonal, and collective level.

For more information about Rhonda V. Magee, or her book “The Inner Work of Racial Justice” mentioned in today’s video, please visit