Sanctuary Open for In-Person Worship This Sunday at 10 AM

First  Presbyterian Church welcomes those wanting to worship in person back to our sanctuary.  While we are excited to see people’s faces, albeit covered with masks, we do want any coming to worship to know that this is contractual. We will do our best to meet as safely as possible and we ask you to agree to abide by our policies and procedures. This will take a team effort. So Let’s go team!

Before you decide to come to Church

consider these questions:

  1. Discern your own comfort with the risk level of gathering indoors. It is OK and understandable if you want to reduce your personal risk continue to worship from home. 
  2. Are you vulnerable, or is anyone that you care for or live with vulnerable, to becoming gravely ill if they were to be exposed to and infected with the virus?
  3. Are you 12 and older and unvaccinated? Are the adult people you live with or care for unvaccinated? 
  4. Have you been recently been exposed or are you experiencing any symptoms associated with Covid 19 infection? 
  5. Or are you having a bad day and the only reason you are coming is because you fear God or the pastor will be displeased if you do not go?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then please stay home and stream the service!  It is better to worship from your home or than to risk your or another’s health! And do not worry, God loves you no matter what and while your pastors miss you, we want you to be well and stay well!

Children who are not eligible to be vaccinated are welcome to come with their family. Family’s will sit together for the entire service as we  do not have separate programming for children or youth at this time.

At First Presbyterian you can come as you are! Whether that means wearing your Sunday’s best, your Beaver gear, your golf clothes or shorts and a t-shirt. However, one thing we do require is that all have and wear a mask. Speakers and singers may remove their masks when speaking or performing from a safe distance on the Chancel but everyone else will need to keep their masks on..

Remember your mask! But if you forget, we will have one for you when you arrive.

If we approach capacity we may begin a reservation system so always be sure to read the weekly communications or check our website before coming to church.

There are many ways to God but only two ways to enter our church. The Gathering space doors on 8th street and the 9th street doors from our parking lot. Please make your way to either of those doors for entrance.

Once at our church ushers will help guide you to a designated seat. 

We have marked our pews off so that households will maintain a 6 foot radius from other congregants. If you regularly care for a family member but do not live with them, we consider them part of your household.  

We are also following CDC recommendations that we seat people from the front first and then work to the rear. So if you like sitting in the back….you won’twant to show up early.

Please resist the urge to stop and mingle with others in conversation while inside the building.

While at Church

please remain in your pew unless you need to use the facilities. We recommend using the basement restrooms below the sanctuary or the Gathering space restrooms.

Please keep your mask on during the service. Those removing their mask during the service will be made into a sermon illustration and signed up for yard maintenance duty for the next year.

Please be understanding and gracious at the changes to how we worship. We will have no hymnals, bibles or bulletins. Our services will be shorter. We will have music but hymns should be softly sung or hummed to yourself.

You are free to dance in place, clap your hands, fidget, or tweet odd things your pastor says during the service. You may not, however, film Tik Tok videos.

When the service is over.

Sadly we are not at a place where we can gather and eat cookies. While difficult for our spirits this is good for our waistlines! When exiting the sanctuary, if you are able, please try to use the sanctuary doors onto Monroe or 8th Streets. If existing through the Gathering space please maintain distance, do not stop and mingle, and exit as soon as possible. If mingling outside we encourage you to practice safe distancing.

Know that members continue to fellowship online after the service concludes.

While some may come, many will continue to stream. Either way, we are one people, untied in the love of God and the Way of Christ.