March for Black Lives Today (Sunday June 7) at 1 PM- Central Park

Posting this as some have asked what they can do.  Showing support in marches is one way, but not the only way for those worried about being too close to people. In the upcoming weeks we will also post other ways you can engage in this important time of transformation in our society.


Note from the Organizers: We are not affiliated with any organization, not with SURJ or any other Corvallis group/organization. We are a group of people in Corvallis who want change. Who want justice. Who want action. Please do not spread misinformation. If we collaborate with other groups it will be mentioned here. Thank you…

Corvallis community now is the time to take action!

As a community we must continue to come together in protest of the injustices that have continued to happen against Black lives.

We will not be silent.

The March will begin at Central Park in Corvallis on Sunday, June 7th at 1pm.

This is intended to be a peaceful march. Please do not show up with the intentions to distract from the movement. Please do not come with ulterior motives. Please only show up if you are coming to support the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Please remember to practice social distancing. Please wear your face mask, bandanas, etc.