Music Monday – Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Last week the 509J Corvallis School District passed Resolution 20-1002, proclaiming the second Monday of October as Indigenous Peoples’ Day. The City of Corvallis had already done this in 2015 but this encourages schools to use this recognition as an impetus to teach about the rich history and beauty of Indigenous culture, as well as a time to learn about how prejudice, white supremacy, Euro-Centrality and just plain greed led many to abuse, murder, and cheat Indigenous people for centuries.

This week, we introduce you to a few sources of music from Indigenous people. This song “Love Letters to God” from Oregon-born indigenous artist Nahko Bear of Nahko And Medicine for the People,┬áis a beautiful song that connects to the message from Sunday.

The new Cherokee morning song with translation

Other sources of Indigenous music:

Native American/First Nations Music (Northwest Coast)

8 Artists Exploding the Concept of Native American Music

Article: Song-Catchers: Documenting the Music of Northwest Indians