Session adopts Affirming Church statement

After weeks of conversation and chances to learn, discuss and pray, the Session of First Presbyterian Church has voted to clearly state our intention of being an affirming church, approving the following statement unanimously:

“The time has come that we, the Session of First Presbyterian Church of Corvallis OR, publicly declare ourselves and our facilities an Affirming Church – welcoming all who seek to follow the Spirit of God in their lives, especially embracing those who have been/are oppressed, marginalized, and/or excluded due to their sexual orientation (LGBTQIA+), race (BIPOC), gender, ethnicity, disability, marital status, economic standing, living without homes, and/or age into the fellowship of Christ and the unhindered work of the Gospel. “

We will not do it perfectly and there is much work to do to live into this more fully but this is our heart and our intent.