rainbow flag with transgender and BIPOC stripes

Session adopts Affirming Church statement

After weeks of conversation and chances to learn, discuss and pray, the Session of First Presbyterian Church has voted to clearly state our intention of being an affirming church, approving the following statement unanimously: “The time has come that we, the Session of First Presbyterian Church of Corvallis OR, publicly...

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BBMI – Life Goals Meditation with Dr. Winston McCullough

This morning, join Dr. Winston McCullough for a guided meditation session intended for daily practice. Every week, he introduces or reviews a different type of meditation, each with the same four-part structure: Body, Breath, Mind, and Intention (BBMI). You are invited to practice today’s meditation throughout this week and to...

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Congregational Meeting

Below is the link for the congregational meeting.  Please keep yourself muted unless you are called upon. To ask a question or volunteer to speak please use the raise hand function in Zoom. Located below your video. On Macs this can be in the Reactions section. Remember that you must...

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