Pandemic Parenting

Hello Parents!

Nothing like a pandemic to remind us just how much what happens at home matters. Multiple studies have shown that if parents leave spirituality and religion solely to the church to teach then children do not grow up to be church attenders or those who practice some sort of spirituality. The best teacher is what is modeled at home.
But how do we do this? There are many ways to bring spirituality into the home that make it part of the natural landscape.pentecost table
Remember that as a parent you are being watched. You are modeling and so it may not even be what you try to do with your kids but what you choose to do yourself.
Just remember that even the small things matter and our efforts do not need to be so controlled, direct, or forced.

Use time. The church has a liturgical calendar that helps us incorporate the Christian story into the every day. There are ways to mark time in your home through visuals and events. For instance, we are in the season of Easter now and you would pick a shelf, a small table, a mantle or other space in your house to use symbolic and visual reminders of the Easter story. Perhaps a stone, a sprouting plant, art projects your kids make, etc to help remind you daily of the power of resurrection and new life. After Easter we move to Pentecost, what can you think of that would remind you that God’s Spirit has been given to us to linve in and through us as God’s people?   Liturgical Calendar guide

Here are some great things you can do, with links to resources:

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